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You lose contracts because they don‘t know what your work looks like.

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This is what your work looks like.

Each job you have done is a different journey. You must show the process so potential clients understand how rich your experience is.

I’m professional with 4 years of experience and I can use tools as...... ..... ..... ... ...

How people see your work.

You lose new deals because it’s very difficult to stand out among competitors. You have to tell your unique story to stand out.

Show your work.

A new milestone, a new design, a product release, or warm moment with your teammates.

Post what you’ve done, put tags, mention co-workers.

Show your story

Collect your posts under specific topics.

Projects you worked on, bootcamps you joined, and companies you are employed in can be a matter of a story.

Show your commitment.

Show how long and frequently you engaged with certain skills and tools over a calendar.

Commitments can be filtered by tags. So you can showcase your diverse skills without complication.

People don't know what are you working on until you show them.


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